Marc Brooks
938 Morrison Ave.
Saint LouisMO 63104
Career Objective
To apply my extensive software design, development, deployment and support skills in a customer-oriented company. I want to work within a team in a leadership and mentoring role to ensure that all business needs are reflected in the final design and implementation. As a Microsoft Architect Council member, I can apply the knowledge and experience gained from companies all over the world to any business problem. Having served as a lead architect overseeing projects involving 40+ developers, as a senior developer leading large and small teams, and as a technical support person in the mission-critical field of healthcare, I can use and share my skills in any team size. Quality is my primary concern and by using test-driven-development, continuous-integration and unit-testing frameworks I can assure that quality while still meeting design and development deadlines. As a long-term beta tester for Microsoft products from Windows for Workgroups through Atlas and Longhorn, I have always been well versed in the ongoing trends and technologies.
Employment History
01/2007-present infuz Saint Louis, MO
Hack Prime
  • Developed BuzzRadius, a social media framework that enabled gathering status updates from Twitter, Facebook and other sites and curate and classify content for specific locations or vertical interest silos. An example site STL Tweets is a location specific lens into the Twitter stream for people self-identified in the St. Louis area curated into categories of interest.
  • Extensive work on a link (URL) extraction, canonicalization and ranking system to allow differing shortened URLs to all be related to the eventual end-target page where metadata and content type are determined
  • Maintained, implemented new and delivered completed interactive marketing websites using ASP.Net 1.1, 2.0, XML, XSLT with Microsoft SQL Server 2000 & 2005 backends. Various sites like petcentric and Tidy-Cats include all aspects of web-site tracking and customer-driven content.
  • Setup continuous-integration development for all projects using Microsoft Team Foundation Server, including use of unit-testing, FxCop compliance, MSBuild daemons, and complete requirements management using the Team Foundation portals.
  • Extensive cleanup and performance enhancement for prior versions of the agency sites. This includes extensive optimizations of SQL Server 2000 & 2005 database schemas, stored procedures and queries. Also revised all code to gaurd against XSS attacks and SQL injections.
  • Tutored existing team in better development techniques, code structure, database queries.
06/2005-12/2006 Three Rivers Systems Ballwin, MO
Senior Application Architect
  • Designed, implemented and delivered an extensive rearchitect and complete rewrite of the existing Academic management system using ASP.Net 2.0, client-side AJAX with Microsoft Atlas under Microsoft SQL Server 2005. This application enables complete management of academic IT needs for colleges and universities. The application is end-user customizable in all aspects of screen and database schema, completely localizable in any language, and fully exposed as web-services.
  • Setup continuous-integration development for all projects using Microsoft Team Foundation Server, including use of unit-testing, FxCop compliance, MSBuild daemons, and complete requirements management using the Team Foundation portals.
  • Enhanced, debugged and supported prior versions of CAMS Enterprise application, based on Visual Basic 6 using COM+/MTS components in an classic-ASP application. This includes extensive optimizations of SQL Server 2000 database schemas, stored procedures and queries. Also made revisions of C++ ActiveX client-side controls, Javascript client-side development, and tutored existing team in better development techniques.
10/2004-05/2005 Anheuser-Busch, Inc.  for Envision, LLC Sunset Hills, MO
Enterprise Architect
  • Enterprise Application Architect for Anheuser-Busch Internal Systems development projects. Develop project reporting and work order management applications using ASP.Net 1.1 in C# for Oracle 8i databases.
  • Setup continuous-integration development for projects using Visual Source Safe, NAnt, NUnit and CruiseControl.Net to insure automatic high-quality builds.
  • Reviewed code from off-shore teams for 7 projects and many developers ona a daily basis.
  • Created and documented corporate-wide application development standards and mentored developers across teams.
06/2004-10/2004 Envision, LLC Chesterfield, MO
Application Architect
  • Designed, developed and tested various Internet and Intranet applications based on Microsoft IIS and ASP.Net, using Microsoft SQL Server 2000.
  • Developed applications in C#, VB.Net using .Net Framework 1.0 and 1.1. Used CVS, NAnt, NUnit, FxCop and CruiseControl.Net to insure continuous integration of developer changes into self-tested automated builds.
  • Used Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services, Infragistics Netadvantage controls, and Symbol Technologies bar code scanner software.
  • Enterprise Application Architect for Anheuser-Busch (see above).
12/2002-05/2004 CPI Corporation St. Louis, MO
Lead Technical Architect
  • Designed, specified, coded and debugged a client/server thick-client and web based applications for Digital Portrait Photography Studios using Microsoft C#, .Net, Microsoft SQL Server, IBM DB2, Microsoft Messaging Queue (MSMQ), Microsoft BizTalk, and various third-party libraries.
  • Served as technical architect using UML, use-case analysis for the next-generation studio software and the back-office infrastructure to manage data replication, order entry/status and digital photograph file transfer and management from 1200+ studios to 3 corporate data-centers using Microsoft MSMQ, SOAP, web services and XML/XSLT.
  • Enhanced and supported the prior generation of the studio software using n-tier C++, Visual Basic, in a COM/DCOM architecture using an Informix database and replication-based centralized reporting.§ Extensive optimization of Transact-SQL stored procedures in existing Microsoft SQL server systems.
  • Extensive experience in Windows application development on Windows XP, Windows 2000 and Windows NT 4.0, Sun Solaris and legacy DOS equipment.
  • Mentoring and best-practice standards setting for the entire development staff of 40+.
  • Peer review and evaluation of WSE enhancement for Microsoft, including WS-Security, WS-Reliable Messaging, WS-Addressing, SOAP and DIME.
06/2002-12/2002 Charter Communications for iBridge Solutions St. Louis, MO
Systems Architect
  • Consultant to Charter Communications working on assigned tasks.
  • Designed and coded support classes and web-services for a distributed authentication and security system.
  • Integrated MapPoint services into location/cable mapping application.
  • Ported several legal applications from Microsoft Access to Microsoft SQL Server with Visual Basic clients under Windows 2000.
  • Wrote, deployed and supported applications to gather, merge, statistically analyze and manage web logs for many disparate servers.
  • Mentored/trained Charter employees on use of .Net C# and CLR/FCL.
01/2001-05/2002 Sendouts, LLC Webster Groves, MO
Senior Systems Analyst
  • Designed and implemented an n-tier client-server applicant tracking system for the HR/recruiting industry. Implemented in Visual Basic, C++ and ASP pages, using COM+, RDS and proprietary encryption and compression algorithms. Data storage in Microsoft SQL Server 2000 and Microsoft Jet (Access). Communications via HTTP/RDS on public Internet servers.
  • Installed and managed server farm consisting of Microsoft SQL Server 2000, Microsoft IIS, and COM+ components running under Microsoft Windows 2000 using co-located rack-mount hardware. Managed the Cisco routers and DNS.
  • Wrote low-level components to manage the client-side caching of extensive ADO data and wrote COM components to present the data quickly.
  • Implemented synchronization to Palm handhelds, Microsoft Outlook and various mail-merge applications.
  • Extensive work in XML, X-Path and XSLT to transform business data to presentation data in a user-customizable format at client machines.
  • Implemented and optimized Transact-SQL stored procedures, views and replication publication/subscriptions for centralized database of 2 million resumes and candidates, 300 thousand job orders, and automatic matching algorithms.
  • Began porting/redesign of Sendouts software using .Net using VB.Net and C#.
  • Continued beta testing, evaluation and development of .Net framework CLR, FCL and C# compiler for Microsoft.
12/1995-01/2001 CPI Corporation / Centrics St. Louis, MO
Senior Systems Analyst
  • Designed and implement a three-tier client-server point of sale system for the Photo Studio and Film development industry. Implemented in C++ using OMG ODMG object oriented database mappings. User interface implemented in Visual Basic as COM components.
  • Designed and began a three-tier client-server system for digital production of film prints. Design conducted using GDPro.
  • Extensive programming using templates and exception handling, to implement business logic.
  • Designed an OLAP database for the analysis of sales and production data to meet the requirements of three different corporations simultaneously.
  • Served as build manager and quality assurance coordinator, code reviewing all changes made by entire development staff.
  • Began beta testing and peer review of .Net common-runtime language (CLR), framework class library (FCL) and C# compiler for Microsoft.
11/1994-12/1995 Citation Computer Systems Chesterfield, MO
Lead Technical Architect
  • Designed an n-tier client-server clinical data management system, based on Microsoft Windows NT, Microsoft SQL Server, and DCOM/OLE in both Microsoft Visual C++ and Microsoft Visual Basic, using Rational Rose and ER/Win.
  • Assisted in the research, trial use and training of new technologies and development tools.
  • Supported all departmental projects, including migration to Microsoft Windows 95 and Microsoft Windows NT and Microsoft SQL Server.
  • Supported and enhanced the existing DOS-based clinical data management system (LIS) in use at more than 400 sites, including enhancements and defect correction.
  • Implemented Magic Solutions’ Support Magic system for company-wide use in supporting clients, including interface programming to the MAS-90 financial system.
06/1993-11/1994 Citation Computer Systems Chesterfield, MO
Senior Project Manager - LIS
  • Managed the design, coding and support of major enhancements to the LIS product line, leading a team of four other programmers.
  • Developed class libraries for porting LIS to C++ from PL/I.
  • Developed and supported all hospital system interface, instrument interface and third-party software integration products.
  • Developed a complete integration engine used when connecting LIS to external reference laboratories.
  • Supported customers on all CITATION product lines.
  • Implemented a six-hospital, twenty-clinic network using multiple LIS systems in WAN and dial-up configurations in Buenos Aires, Argentina.
12/1990-11/1993 Citation Computer Systems Maryland Heights, MO
Senior Systems Analyst
  • Developed a complete integration engine for use when connecting two or more LIS systems together in a WAN configuration.
  • Designed and assisted implementation of an anatomical pathology system for Microsoft Windows.
  • Supported all LIS product lines internally and directly with customers, including enhancements and defect correction.
  • Developed a complete interface library and tool-set for use in OS/2 and DOS products, including interrupt-driven serial port control.
  • Managed and maintained the servers for the entire development staff.
  • Managed the telephone switch and all corporate hardware.
06/1989-12/1990 Citation Computer Systems Maryland Heights, MO
Application Leader
  • Supported all product lines internally and directly with customers, including enhancements, and defect correction.
  • Implemented automated installation and configuration programs for all products.
  • Managed and maintained the servers for the entire development staff.
  • Implemented a complete version-control system for all product development.
06/1987-06/1989 Citation Computer Systems Maryland Heights, MO
Lead Programmer
  • “Loaned” to development to aid in porting existing product lines from flat-file based databases to Btrieve ISAM for use in military installations.
  • Developed TSRs for pop-up editing of textual information, printer control, network PC identification.
  • Developed Netware interface libraries for PL/I and C.
  • Designed and developed instrument interfaces for embedded systems.
12/1981-06/1987 Citation Computer Systems Maryland Heights, MO
Internal Systems Support
  • Maintained and enhanced released LIS product line for customer support.
  • Managed all corporate servers and hardware.
  • Provided secondary support for customers and internal support for all departments.
  • Developed and implemented a customer contact management system.
  • Maintained and enhanced released LIS product line for customer support.
  • Provided primary and secondary support for customers and internal support for all departments.
Active Server PagesExpert
Apache WebserverIntermediate
ASP.Net 1.1, 2.0, 3.0, 3.5, 4.0 w/MVCExpert
Automated TestingExpert
C# 1.0, 1.1, 2.0, 4.0Expert
Cisco RoutersIntermediate
Configuration ManagementExpert
IBM DB2Intermediate
HTTP/Internet protocolsExpert
JUnut Expert
Microsoft AtlasExpert
Microsoft Atlas Control ToolkitExpert
Microsoft BiztalkIntermediate
Microsoft Commerce ServerBeginner
Microsoft CRM 3.0Intermediate
Microsoft Foundation Classes (MFC)Expert
Microsoft IIS 5.x/6.xExpert
Microsoft Message Queuing MSMQExpert
Microsoft .Net 1.0, 1.1, 2.0Expert
Microsoft SQL Reporting ServicesIntermediate
Microsoft SQL Server 2000,2005,2008,2008R2Expert
Microsoft Team FoundationExpert
Microsoft Visual Source SafeExpert
Oracle 8i, 9iIntermediate
Prototype developmentExpert
Quality AssuranceExpert
Test Driven DevelopmentExpert
Microsoft Transact-SQLExpert
Unit testingExpert
Visual BasicExpert
XML SchemaExpert

Born March 27, 1963. Health excellent. Married, one child.

I am NOT open to relocation out of the Saint Louis, MO area.