Fire Escape's American Gothic Tribute

American Gothic was a Sci-fi series from Renaissance Pictures that aired briefly on CBS back during the 1995-1996 television season. This series is currently be shown in reruns on the Sci-Fi Channel on Sunday afternoons at 3 PM CST. This series was created by Shawn Cassidy (yes the same Shawn Cassidy who sang teen-pop hits in the 1970's). This gist of this series was about a group of people living in a town called Trinity in North Carolina. The town's sherrif, Lucas Buck (played by Gary Cole), was gifted with supernatual powers of a dark nature which he used to keep the town's citizens in line. Very much like Stephen King's "Needful Things" storyline, Lucas Buck would do favors for people to make things happen like they wanted them to and they would then owe him their cooperation at some future time. This power is evidently an inherited evil which is destined to be passed on to his illigitimate son, Caleb Temple (played by Lucas Black). Caleb Temple is the protagonist of this storyline and is central to a plot revolving around the theme of innocence lost and the struggle between the powers and temptations of good and evil and the results of choosing them. Also central to the storyline is the ghostly or angelic presence of Caleb's murdered sister, Merlyn Temple (played by Sarah Paulson) whose constant vigilance over her little brother protects and steers him from the evil path his father would have him walk as his appointed heir. Other characters on quest for their own personal peace who also struggle with the choice between good and evil are Gail Emory (Caleb's cousin played by Paige Turco) and Selena Coombs (The town's schoolteacher and all-around-tramp played by Brenda Bakke). Christians should find this series interesting and will savor the heavy and deep messages about Goodness and Evil. Although not overtly biblical in persentation, this series speaks much truth and can be enjoyed for the sake of entertainment.

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