Fire Escape's American Gothic Soundbyte Archive

Click on the sound description to download or play. All files are in .WAV format.

Someone's at the Door (17k) I ain't your son..Beg to differ (61k) Be careful Caleb (102k)
..sheriff was a cliche (53k) ..the fear of getting caught (45k) Hey safely (95k)
..until I say so (62k) to look at it (112k) ..worry about that no more (148k)
Too late for salvation.. (89k) Only 2 roads in this world.. (142k) All guilt is relative.. (151k)
..know what a mentor is? (130k) Everybody's got free will.. (113k) ..they don't wanna do.. (81k)
..who people think you are (69k) I'm scared Merly.. (107k) Can't we all just get along? (44k)
..we take care of our own (81k) ..that's Buck, uh with a "B" (72k) Lucas whistles Andy Griffth (296k)

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