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The BBS Awareness Campaign - St. Louis Chapter
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This organization is a free non-profit St. Louis based sysop/user group affiliated with the national BBS Awareness Campaign. Our purpose is to increase public awareness of the computer bulletin board and the use of it as a hobby and as an alternative to the internet. Our group is comprised of BBS system adminstrators and the members of their respective computer bulletin boards. We meet regularly to exchange ideas on BBS promotion and to discuss ways to increase traffic in the local BBS community. We publish a quarterly newsletter and distribute BBS promotion diskettes which contain a freeware communications program that self-installs and which contains a current dialing directory of St. Louis area BBSes. If you would like to join our chapter and receive our newsletter and notification of our chapter meetings, fill out the form below and submit it. If you have further questions, you can e-mail Beth Brooks (aka Fire Escape) who is the coordinator for our chapter.

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