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The BBS Now WebRing is a collection of websites or homepages oriented towards the promotion or support of Computer Bulletin Board Systems (also referred to a BBSes). Members of this webring include BBS sysops who run internet BBSes, telnet BBSes, dialup only BBSes, BBS Listkeepers, BBS Software companies, BBS utility or door game programmers, BBS Promotion groups, BBS oriented mailing lists or newsgroups about BBS promotion, basically anyone who has substantial web content about BBSes and how to support then, use them or join them is welcome to join our webring. These sites are linked together into a ring to make it easier for web surfers (or ring surfers) to visit each of their sites. Ring surfers can get a list of the all active sites on the ring, scan through them one at a time, or, for the truly adventurous, jump to a random site.

The BBS Now WebRing is really easy to use. Ring surfers simply look for the following banner (or something like it) on each site webpage. From this banner, ring surfers can go to the next site, the previous site, a random site, or view the list of all sites on the ring.

This is what our Webring Code displays.

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Click HERE to view a list of current webring BBSes.

So, want to join? Sure you do!

To become a member of the BBS Now WebRing you must meet the following criteria:

Your Site must have on it some material related to computer bulletin board systems and your role as either a Sysop, a BBS Listkeeper, a BBS software/utility programmer, or your participation in promoting public BBS awareness and usage.

If you are a BBS Sysop, your BBS does NOT have to be internet accessible but callers should be able to reach it over a regular local phone line at the very minimum. If your BBS is internet accessible a link to your brower or telnet login should be easily found.

Your BBS or website must not contain any adult oriented material or warez (Non Public Domain or pirated software) and be free of offensive content, adult images, links to pornography or NPD warez. We reserve the right to reject any site which we feel is inappropriate to this webring or as a result of complaints from ringsurfers or other webring members.

The URL you provide for your webring link must be available 24 hours a day/7 days a week. If your website is on a dynamic IP which comes and goes frequently you may want to put your ringcode on a free homepage such as is available with Geocities or Xoom with a link to your Official website from there. This way if your site is offline or unlocateable due to DNS trouble, surfers will still be able to move on to the next ring site.

The BBS Now HTML fragment code must be located on the page pointed to by the webring OR on a "webrings" page which has a CLEARLY marked hyperlink so that webring surfers can easily find their way back to the ring fragment and move on to the next site. The Webring HTML fragment code should never be buried in multiple pages more than 1 click from your mail URL. Sites which have their webring code placed inappropriately will be contacted and may be removed from the ring if this rule is not complied with.

If your Site is also a business or commercial site it must contain some publically accessible BBS related pages for ring surfers. If surfers can not access your site without paying there is no point in belonging to this ring.

Keep the RingMaster up to date with any problems in the ring, especially if the sites on either side of you should disappear or not have the ring code on their pages. If everyone isn't working together then the ring will break. If the RingMaster finds your site offline, it may be moved back to the Webring's QUEUE until you notify the RingMaster that it is back online. Use the Edit Site Info link at the bottom of this page. With many sites in the ring and new ones joining, it is not practical for the RingMaster to stay on top of everything all the time. Again, if your URL changes and you do not update your site info, the ring will break! It is your responsibility to maintain your information and keep everything current.

Sites not following the rules, having incorrect links or URLs, or causing the ring not to work by dropping from the net without notice are "not cool"...all these things will break the ring and make it less desirable for ring surfers. Lots of happy ring surfers is in all of our best interest. You should regularly check the site in front of you on the ring, and the site behind you on the ring, and let the RingMaster know if a problem is found.

This is a free service provided by Fire Escape's BBS and WebRing.

Fire Escape's BBS and Sysop Resources

Adding Your Site to the Ring:

We reserve the right to reject any site deemed inappropriate for the web ring. We further reserve the right to remove any site later deemed to be inappropriate.

To become a member of the ring, simply follow these steps....

Download a copy of our BBS Now Webring Logo. Here's how. Position your mouse cursor over the logo graphic of your choice below and right click, then choose "Save Picture As". Save this image to your harddrive and upload it to your webpage's server. Do NOT link to this image on our site. This image is needed in a publically accessible directory. Don't forget to change the HTML fragment to reflect the name of the image file you choose to use.

BBS Now Webring Logo Transparent GIF Version

Fill out the following form, with the complete URL of your site. If you don't plan to put the banner on your default home page (e.g., the \public\default.htm page), then include the page directory and filename in the URL! Example:

Site Title:
Owner Name: First & Last name (this is only for RingMaster's records)
Site URL:

Please choose a password. (Don't forget it!! Write it down!)

Enter up to 20 keywords to describe your site.

Enter a short description of your site.

MAKE sure the URL you enter above points to the page where the ringcode will be displayed! Once you click the "Submit Site" button above you'll receive an auto e-mail confirming that your site has been added to our WebRing queue. This Email will also contain your CUSTOMIZED html fragment for placement on your webpage. Add it to your webpage immediately so that it is there when the ringmaster checks your site. If you do not receive an e-mail within 24 hours, e-mail the RingMaster for help. Something definitely went wrong. Normally there is no need to inform the Ringmaster that you have been added to the queue as she will also receive an auto e-mail as well...please be patient.

After your site has been verified by the RingMaster and the ringcode is in place with the correct info, the site will be made active on the ring and you'll receive another auto e-mail letting you know that your webring site is now officially in the ring.. that's it!

Help! I've Lost My Customized HTML Fragment

If you lose the HTML code for the webring somehow Click here for a generic version of it. (Because the HTML at this link is not customized for your site, you will have to do the customizing yourself. Don't just insert the HTML uncustomized!). Copy and paste the HTML into your web editor, then hit the Back button in your browser to return here.

ONLY use this generic version of the code if you don't get a customised one in the mail. Customizing this code requires you to possess some basic knowledge of html code.

Important! If you use the generic version of the HTML, you must customize the HTML code so it will function on your site! Don't just paste in the HTML as presented.

Where it says. . .

  1. YOUR_URL   replace with your site URL as listed in the WebRing.

  2. YOUR_E-MAIL_ADDRESS   replace with your e-mail address as listed in the WebRing.

  3. YOUR_NAME   replace with your name as listed in the WebRing.

  4. YOUR_SITE_ID   replace with your site id# as listed in the auto e-mail you receive and on the page displayed after you submit your site.

Also, make sure the references to the BBS Now WebRing graphic/logo point to the location at which you have stored the graphic on your site.

Please make sure you do this customization or your site will not work on the ring with this generic HTML code fragment. And, you will not be added to the ring!

Edit Existing Site Information

This form is for updating your site information if needed at a later time: (Also, if you forgot your password, go to this URL and click the appropriate link and WebRing will e-mail you the password.)

Site ID:

Bookmark the following shortcut too; you can quickly edit your site info...;edit

As always, if you have any questions, send e-mail to the RingMaster.

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