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Early Christianity: Is the Record Sound?
This essay briefly examines Jesus as a historical person, and the general content of the Bible as a historical document.

Is the Bible Historically and Physically Reliable?
This essay briefly examines the Old Testament texts and their mode of transcription and compares the New Testament to other ancient texts.

The Nicene Creed: It's Message and Purpose
This essay explains in great detail the history of the Nicene creed and the reasoning behind the content of this creed.

Did the Resurrection of Jesus Christ Really Happen?
This very good essay examines at length the various proofs for the physical resurrection of Jesus Christ and refutes various theories against the resurrection which a number of critics have offered.

Old Testament Prophecy Fulfilled by Jesus Christ
This table lists over 60 Old Testament prophecies which were fulfilled by the life and work of Jesus Christ as recorded in the New Testament.

The Deity of Jesus Christ: Is Jesus really God?
This essay answers this very important question by demonstrating a multitude of biblical and historical evidence to support the deity of Christ.

Can we be Good without God?
This essay examines the philosophical question of man's true nature and it's inclination towards evil.

The Problem of Pain and Suffering
This essay examines the hard question of why bad things happen, even to Christians and how God fits into the picture.

Breaking up the Fallow Ground: Biblical Repentance
This is a classic essay on the nature of true repentance by Charles Finney. This version is edited and paraphrased by Keith Green.

How to Overcome Sin
Another classic essay by Charles Finney about the struggle for holiness and the battle against the flesh.

Beware of Foxes
This is a classic essay on the very dangerous predators which tend to devour young Christians. Edited and modernized by Tony Capoccia.

Missing Heaven by 18 Inches
A brief thought provoking article about the nature of salvation and Christian committment.

Cybersex: Eroticism Without Bodies
This is an article written by Dr. Douglas Groothuis, associate professor of Religion and Ethics at Denver Seminary for Cornerstone Magazine. This article examines the issue of cybersex.

Stomping Satan with Style: How Christians Get Their Rhetorical Kicks
This is an article written by Jon Trott for Cornerstone Magazine about how Christians go about things in the WRONG way. This is written "tongue in cheek" so don't have a cow.

Cults: What to Say When the Tacks are Brass
This is an article written by Eric Pement, head of Cornerstone Apologetics and Research Team (CART), for Cornerstone Magazine about productive ways for Christians to dialogue effectively with cult members and how to recognize the features of a cult.

Let the Trumpet Sound a Clear Call: How Translations of the Word are Made
This is an article written by Curt Mortimer for Cornerstone Magazine regarding the method by which new translations of the Bible emerge and what features distinguish one translation from another.

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