Echoes of the Past
from St. Louis Area BBSes

This page contains an index of religious message bases copied from St. Louis Area BBSes which are long extinct. Such BBSes as "The Rolla Link in Exile", "Ed's Barn", "The Parthenon & The Message Base", and "The Outer Planes". These message bases are circa February 1989 to September 1989 (the height of the BBS era in St. Louis). If you are one of the users quoted in these message bases and would like your messages removed from the public archive please let me know which person you are and I'll remove your messages from the archive.

These messages are often lengthy and emotionally intense. I have not censored or edited them in any manner so there may be some offensive language though it is usually few and far between. These messages center around the issues of Christianity, the Bible, The nature of God, The Prolife movement and other explosive religious topics common to BBS religious conferences during the 1980's and 90's..

The BBSes

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