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Fire Escape's File Areas

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Fire Escape's BBS has an extensive file base online. Although we do not have CD Roms available, we do have over 3 GIG of shareware programs and text files on our hard disks. Below are listed the areas which are available for downloading with the approximate number of files available in each area.

Recent Uploads Files of various interest which have been uploaded in the past 30 days. (Between 12 and 25 files usually)
Special Files Files which do no count against one's Upload/Download Ratio. (74 Files)
Communication Terminal programs. Fax Programs, Dialers, Client Programs. (183 Files)
Internet Utilities Internet Programs, Web Browsers, FTP and Telnet Clients. (242 Files)
TriBBS Utilities Sysop Utilities and 3rd Party Plug-ins for TriBBS BBS Software. (555 Files)
BBS Softwares Various Computer Bulletin Board Softwares. (114 Files)
BBS Utilities Sysop and BBS Oriented 3rd Party Software. (296 Files)
AntiVirus Utilities Anti-Virus Updates and Scanners. (25 Files)
File Compression File Compression Programs like ARJ, ZIP, RA, SEA and more. (86 Files)
Text Files Text Files on various Topics (Non-Christian). Much Humor. (399 Files)
Editors/Word Processors Word Processors, Text Editors, Utilities for Word Processing. (69 Files)
Windows 9x & NT Utils Programs for Windows 95, 98 and NT. System enhancing utilities. (214 Files)
DOS Utilities DOS oriented programs for older PCs. (485 Files)
Windows 3.x Utilities Programs for Windows 3.1 or Windows for Workgroups. (186 Files)
Audio/Sound Utilities Sound Editors, Sound File Players. Science fiction theme music files. (133 Files)
Visual/Image Utilities Graphics Programs, Image Viewers and Editors. (152 Files)
Windows Games Various Games for Windows 3.x or 9x (161 Files)
DOS Games Various Games for DOS (704 Files)
PCBoard Utilities Sysop and 3rd Party Utilities for PC Board BBS Software. (470 Files)
Online BBS Door Games Various Online BBS Door Games for most BBS softwares. (592 Files)
LORD Utilities In-Game-Modules for Legend of the Red Dragon BBS Game. (117 Files)
Programming Tools Various Assemblers, Tutorials and Programming Texts. (158 Files)
Business Programs Business Enhancement Tools, Databases, Spreadsheets. (95 Files)
Home & Finance Programs Home Management and Financial Aids. Checkbooks, Recipes. (88 Files)
Self Improvement Self-Improvement Oriented Programs. Personality Tests. (46 Files)
Educational & Children Learning Tools, Math, Languages, Typing, Memory. (138 Files)
Miscellaneous Other Programs Assorted Mix of Hard to Classify Programs. (71 Files)
Wildcat/WINServer Utilities 3rd Party Programs for WINServer BBS Software. (475 Files)
USR Palm Pilot Programs Palm Pilot Programs and Games. (76 Files)
Christian Texts & Programs Christian Bibles, Studies, Texts, Games, Educational Programs. (573 Files)

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