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Fire Escape's Message Bases

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Fire Escape's BBS has an small but active local message base comprised of the following topic areas. Some conferences get more activity than others. Many conferences see a cycle of activity and then inactivity. I've tried to estimate the number of messages which remain on file for each conference on "average". We are going to be adding newsgroups and networks eventually and are open to suggestions for new conferences where needed.

Local User Chatter General Conversation of no particular set topic. (150-200 Msgs)
General Chit Chat More General Open Topic Discussion. (75-100 Msgs)
Internet On-Ramp Discussion about Websites or Web Surfing. (Under 25 Msgs)
Sacred Ground Religion and Philosophy Oriented Debate. (25-100 Msgs)
Politics Political Oriented Debates. (50-150 Msgs)
BBS Information & Ads BBS Advertisements & Talk about other BBSes (25-100 Msgs)
Humor and Jokes Humorous Stories, Jokes. (25-50 Msgs)
Full Volume Discussion about Music, Groups, Concerts. (25-50 Msgs)
Teen Chatter Teenagers Only Discussion Area (Under 25 Msgs)
Remote Controls Television and Book Discussion (50-100 Msgs)
Circle of Stones Pagan Only Discussion Area (Under 25 Msgs)
Christian Fellowship Public Christian Religious Discussion (150-300 Msgs)
Computer Help Computer or Technical Oriented Questions and Info (50-100 Msgs)
Miscellaneous Sysop Chatter Sysop Oriented Discussion (Under 25 Msgs)
Wildlife Rehabillitation Wildlife Rehab Educational Discussion (Under 25 Msgs)
Online BBS Games Chatter Discussion Related to Online Games in Progress (50-100 Msgs)
Hugs, Slugs & Shrugs Hug or Slug Someone Else (Under 25 Msgs)
Fouls, Fumbles and Fun Sports Related Discussions (Under 25 Msgs)
Once Upon A Time Short Stories, Poetry, Lyrics (Under 25 Msgs)
Kids Chatter Kids 12 & Under Only Discussion (Under 25 Msgs)
TriBBS Support Discussion related to TriBBS Software (Under 25 Msgs)
Girls' Gab Women Only Discusiion Area (Under 25 Msgs)
The Boys' Room Men Only Discussion Area (Under 25 Msgs)
WINServer BBS Support Discussion related to WINServer BBS (Under 25 Msgs)

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