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Welcome BBS sysops and BBS users to the St. Louis Missouri Chapter of the BBS Awareness Campaign. Over the years, users on BBSes as well as the BBSes themselves have declined. The BBS Awareness Campaign is comprised of dedicated volunteers who seek to raise public interest in BBSing and to generate publicity about BBSes in general. This is being done by going to current BBS users informing them of the problem and how they can help. Volunteers distribute flyers and other informational materials at computer meetings. Computer businesses have also teamed up to distribute materials. Lastly, the internet is being used to educate those familar with the internet of BBSes and to provide one place to post information about BBSing.

Visit the BBSAC World Headquarters Website for more info on the National organization.

DECEMBER 1998 BBS AWARENESS NET Info/App Packet (12/20/98) Join a BBS Network dedicated to promoting both Dial-Up & Telnet Bulletin Board Systems. Now with members in N. America, S. America, Philippines, Europe and Asia! Begin a BBS Awareness Campaign in your area with ideas, methods and tools that are shared by other local campaigns of Sysops and Users. Join us in helping to inform the public that BBSes are another fun use of the modem! Help us, help you save your hobby! "We can save BBSing for the 21st Century!" Sysops and Users Wanted.... Join Today!

PROMOTE 1999 USER DISK offers Promotional Groups and Sysops a means to help increase new users to their local area BBSes with this simple to use freeware communications program that can EASILY be modified to install with a dialing directory of BBSes in your area. The communication program installs, detects the modem, comm port and sets the baud rate! Even the freshest greenhorn to modeming can be calling a BBS within minutes of installation! Includes a freeware client for telnet BBSing and ZTerm for MAC computer users. Extract this .ZIP formatted file onto a floppy diskette and give it to others. A Fast and Easy way to introduce others to the BBS hobby. (Note: This version has already been modified with a 314 area BBS dialing directory).

MTELNET A Freeware ANSI Terminal Client that is easy to use and good for playing online BBS games like BRE, SRE and LORD.

314/636 BBS List This is a Quarterly St. Louis Missouri 314 and 636 area code BBS Directory maintained by Fire Escape.

WHAT IS A BBS? My detailed and easy to understand description of a computer bulletin board system. Feel free to link to this page or copy it for use on your BBS website.

WHY BBS? Another Sysop examines the differences between the Web and the BBS.

BBS Awareness Campaign HeadQuarters

Other BBS Promotion Groups
  • COCA - Council for Online Community Alternatives
  • ICON - International Community Online Network
  • BPT - The BBS Promotion Team
  • NCSSA - National Coalition of Sysops/System Admin
  • Telnet Now Campaign

Telnetable Family Safe BBSes

Join Telnet Now...The BBS Promotion Team

BBS Lists

Sysop and BBS User Resources

The BBS Awareness Campaign This BBS Awareness WebRing site is maintained by Fire Escape.

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